How Much Does It Cost?

$25 per family registration fee - one time only
$45 per month per class

Monthly tuition is due the first class meeting of every month.  
A $5 late fee will be added for each week that it is late.

Ask us about family and multi-class discounts!

Additional Costs

Depending on the class, certain dance wear, performance costumes, or shoes will be required.  We want our dancers to look the part and feel confident in their learning experience!  We try to keep costs as affordable as possible.  More info is available at your first class about exactly what is required for each class.  New costuming and fitting will be handled on a class by class basis.  We also keep some items like tights, competition jewelry, and team t-shirts in stock in our lobby office.

Where do we get the shoes?

Clogging Shoes

We like to order new shoes from Carl's Clogging Supply.  When ordering, please request buck style taps.  From time to time, clogging shoes can be also found on consignment within the studio family or at thrift stores, etc.  We can install/repair taps in studio.


Ballet/Jazz Shoes and Class wear

We like for our ballet and jazz students to wear pink or black leotards, white tights, and pink ballet shoes to practice.  A skirt or tutu is optional.  Just make sure it is comfy!  In addition to Academy Sports and Dancewear Solutions, Wal-Mart and Target sometimes have dancewear for smaller girls in stores.